How To: Give a full body lymph node drainage massage

Give a full body lymph node drainage massage

First, open the nodes under the clavicle which opens the rest of the system. Begin with nodes beneath the clavicle, follow the neck chain up and down. Drain the face, chin, nose and cheeks. Open the upper portion of the lungs. Open the axillaries, which are under the arm pits. They go to the heart and liver and cast away toxins to the kidney, bladder and excrete. Next, work on the arms. Open proximally then distally. Open the nodes along the rib cage and open the abdomen. Work in that quadrant. Move to the cisterna chyli. Shake the abdomen to loosen up anything and see if there's tightness. Drain the abdomen again. Drain the liver up into the axillaries. Work on the legs. Work up into the inguinal area. Massage upward into the abdomen area. Massage behind the knee cap, leg, ankle, foot. This is good for fluid retention, tension in the gut and swelling in the neck.

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