How To: Give a good 15 minute massage

Give a good 15 minute massage

Massage has been around for a very long time. It has been proved that massage can help reduce stress, improve circulation, and create a feeling of well being. 54% of doctors recommend massage therapy. 85% of all diseases are believed to be stress related. Giving massages is fun and helps build muscle strength in the legs and arms. First you want to remember fiber direction when giving a massage. Start by warming the muscles up by kneading the tissue rather than using any techniques to really work them. Then one technique to use is to roll your thumbs back and forth on the muscle moving your body back and forth as you move your thumbs. A second technique to use on the neck muscle, the Vader Scapula, is to put one hand on the shoulder and maintain pressure while you gently push the head to the left. You can have the person take a deep breath and then push the head to the side as they exhale. A finishing technique is called a percussion technique. Make a fist with both hands and gently pound on the muscles with the side of the hand using a fairly rapid motion. These techniques can be used with both chair and table massages. On a table massage you can use some oil using the same techniques starting with kneading and compressions to warm the muscles up. The flesh will get pink as you warm it up. That means that blood is coming into the tissue. So using some of these basic techniques you can give a great relaxing massage.

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