How To: Give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball

Give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball

In this Diet & Health video tutorial you will learn how to give yourself a foot massage with a tennis ball. This video is presented by Sarah Irwin from Take a normal tennis ball and make sure you have a wall or a chair or a stick for balancing. Place one foot on top of the tennis ball. Begin to press the foot forward so that the ball drags down the bottom of the foot and then pull the ball back. You are pushing the tissue and pulling the tissue on the bottom of the foot. Go down the inside of the foot big toe to heel and drag back the center of the foot. Go down little toe to heel outside of the foot and drag back down the center. Press the heel down with the front of the foot on the ball and fan the foot left to right and back so that you have cross fiber massage for your foot. Move forward slightly so that the arch of the foot is on the ball and repeat the fanning. Watch the video for the demonstration.

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