How To: Perform and give a good back massage

Perform and give a good back massage

You have to do the rising moves which works on three different sections of the body which are the sides, spine, muscles at the top of your back and the shoulders. You have to spread the oil on the back. Then you have to warm up the muscles. The first move is very straight forward. You have to start at the bottom of the spine. Then move over the spine and then down the sides. This you have to perform in three steps. First you have to massage at the top, then the shoulders and the back of the spine. Exert the pressure by your hands very lightly. Continue doing this massage for sometime. Now you have to start the second move very slowly as shown in the video. The second is similar but in reverse. Start at the top, and then move on the shoulders. Then you have to massage the back on the spine and at the last push back off. Come back to massage the spine and then push down. You have to do this in three sections also. Massage the bottom of the spine and then move to the sides. Do this step for two to three times. You can slightly increase the pressure at this stage. That's it.

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